Rickee Charbonneau

MDes. Inclusive Design 2016


Rickee is an inclusive designer and web developer, an industrial designer, and a digital fabrication enthusiast. She is interested in how communities design, develop, fabricate, and share downloadable assistive technologies online. She is also interested in using rapid prototyping to creatively challenge barriers to access.

Laser Cut Designs

Are you looking for my Etsy store? It's still currently in the works (launching end of Feb 2017), but if you send me an email at rickee.charbonneau@gmail.com, I can sell you any of my products. I take custom orders too!

Featured Work

Her latest work is the FiGO Rear Support Pet Wheelchair, available for download on thingiverse.

FiGO is a DIY 3D printable pet wheelchair kit that aims to disrupt the current market for assistive pet devices. Commercial wheelchairs for domestic animals are very expensive (non customized rear-support-only dog wheelchairs costing up to 525.00 USD) and often inaccessible to many pet owners due to cost and availability of veterinarians and veterinary orthotists with pet wheelchair expertise. Issues of access arise for individuals who need a pet wheelchair for their animals at short notice due to a trauma related injury to the pet, when on a budget, at a remote location, or perhaps for temporary purposes during recovery from surgery.

Embedded in the concept of FiGO is the empowerment of individuals to build their pet’s wheelchair with a combination of reasonably available digital fabrication (3D printing) and easily available traditional making or small-scale construction. FiGO uses parametrically designed 3D printed joint pieces that fit into acrylic or aluminum tubing, which can be easily customized to the dog for both functional and aesthetic purposes. All materials used in the kit that are not 3D printed can be sourced locally at most hardware stores.

FiGO Dog Wheelchair